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Bred by Coosawattee Brags

Emmy FamPic2016
Chizel to head_edited
Jack Karen
Jack PSC sTD
Chief 3
patton sheep
Hurri sheep
Hurri cattle
Hurri cattle left
My Sarah and her Paisley bug
Bling top
Baby Emmy
SI - Sharp Dressed Man
Negen (2)
patton award.jpg
Patton, Coosawattee's first Stockdog Champion (SDCH) (above) - Qualified for the 2017 ASCA National Finals, second in Cattle and Sheep, fifth in Ducks. Competing in the 2017 ASCA Finals in Bryan, Texas, Patton finished as Reserve Champion Cattle Dog and earned HIT Sheep in the ASCA National trial with a score of 120. We're so very proud of the hard work and dedication of this team.  William D. Middleton, II and Patton have spent many hours training and trialing to lay down the performance everyone watched in awe and became this breeders dream come true.  Thank you so much William for training and showcasing Patton's talents and abilities.  The performance and moreover the relationship with Patton you demonstrated enhanced this breed as a working dog and the stockdog it was created to be... our Aussie breed is better because of you!! SDCH WTCH-X FTCH Coosawattee Help On The Way PATDcs RTDcs, DNA-VP
                                              Tony and Donna Padgett
click on the photos above (Top Sheep) (Bottom Cattle) to see two of the runs from Texas.
Jack - Coosawattee Red Headed Stranger, STDdsc, DNA-VP earned the Most Promising Started Aussies at the 2018 Peach State Classic with some very impressive scores and multiple 1st place finishes over the weekend. Jack was handled by Donna Padgett.
Jack competed in the 2019 Cherokee Rose Trial in June and was awarded the Most Promising Started Aussie with some tough competition.  Jack earned a score of 94 in Started Cattle with multiple 1st place finishes under the handling of Donna Padgett. Jack also finished 7th in the ASCA Merit Program in Started Sheep for the 2019 season.
Hurri - Most Promising Started at the WAV - VA Trial in June 2015 Owned and Handled by Greta Johannsen (NC)
Hurri, competed in the Cherokee Rose (2016) and won the coveted High Combined Non-WTCH buckle award.  Hurri laid down some impressive scores throughout the weekend.  Hurri is owned and handled by Greta Johannsen (NC)
Hurri competed in her first ASCA Nationals in Texas this past October.  She did a really nice job working the stock at the Advanced level.  We look forward to more exciting news out of this little girl over the next few years!! Congrats to Greta on a job well done!
Hurri had an outstanding trial season for 2019, qualifying for ASCA in her first Stockdog Finals in Cattle (13th) Ducks (13th) and Sheep 24th) but because of the breeding and a litter whelped in July 2019, we have chosen not to travel to compete in the upcoming ASCA Nationals in California.  Hurri has competed in ABHA completing in sheep, turkey and ducks and earned her Herding Trial Champion title.  She has also started competing in AKC, earning two legs on her Advanced Sheep, Course A.
Patton - High Combined Non-WTCH at the WASCofGA 2015 Peach State Classic, September 2015 Owned and Handled by William Middleton (VA)
Patton qualified in all his advance classes to earn his WTCH at the Georgia Chill Stockdog Trial with some very impressive scores.  He laid down a 117 score for HIT cattle.  Congrats to William and Kayla! January 2016
Patton earned HIT awards on Sunday at the Cherokee Rose (2016) in all classes of stock.  Cattle 117, Sheep 117 and Ducks 108  Patton is owned and handled by William Middleton (VA) May 2016
Patton qualified in all three classes of stock (cattle (#2), sheep (#2) and ducks (#5)) in the 2017 ASCA  Stockdog Finals in Bryan Texas. Patton earned Reserve Champion Cattle Dog in an exciting competition and finished 6th in Sheep.  Patton and William also finish 1st and HIT Sheep at the National Stockdog trial as well. We are so proud of this team and their accomplishments. October 2017
Patton, has earned a second berth to compete in Greeley, Colorado at the 2018 ASCA Stockdog Finals in all three classes of stock.  We are again so proud of this team and their accomplishments.  August 2018
Venom - High Combined Non-WTCH at the 2015 ASCA Nationals in Shelbyviile, TN handled by Tony Padgett - Owner Andrea Killebrew (TN) October 2015
Venom qualified with a 112 for first place in Advance cattle to earn her WTCH.  She competed the entire weekend at the Georgia Chill laying down some very impressive scores, one being a HIT Sheep score of 121.  Congrats to Andrea Killebrew! January 2016
Venom, earned a High In Trial Cattle run at the Cherokee Rose with a score of 121 on Course E.  Venom, is owned and handled by Andrea Killebrew (TN) May 2016
Venom, WTCH Coosawattee Georgia's Poison, qualified in the ASCA Stockdog Finals in Cattle (#15) and Sheep (#29). Venom was handled by Andrea Killebrew and did some impressive work against a field of tough competition from all across the US. She competed in the Nationals trial also and laid down a score of 116 and finished 11th in Advance Sheep.
Si, Coosawattee Sharp Dressed Man, STDs, earned his started sheep title and one leg in started cattle during the Georgia Chill.  Si is owned and handled by Les White (GA) January 2016
Si, Coosawattee Sharp Dressed Man, STDds, earned his started duck title at the Cherokee Rose.  Si is owned and handled by Les White (GA) May 2016
Deets, Old Mill Diamond Deets at Coosawattee, STDd earned a leg in started sheep at the Cherokee Rose.  Deets is owned and handled by Les White (GA) May 2016
Deets, WTCH Old Mill Diamond Deets at Coosawattee, earned his working trial championship at the SEASC trial in Dothan, AL Congrats to Les White (GA) February 2017
Deets,  WTCH Old Mill Diamond Deets at Coosawattee, Earned some very impressive scores (122 in cattle) and HITs at the SEASC trial in Dothan, AL  Congrats to Les White! (GA)December 2017
Deets, owned by Les White has qualified to compete in Colorado in Sept. 2018 in the 2018 ASCA Finals in Cattle and Sheep. We are excited to watch this team git'er done in Greeley! August 2018
Chief, Coosawattee Chief Running Bear owned and handled by Todd Flemming (GA) earned his started cattle title and one leg in started sheep at the GAASC fall trial in Cartersville, Ga. November 2016
Chief, Coosawattee Chief Running Bear, STDc owned and handled by Todd Flemming (GA) earned his started sheep title at the Cactus trial in Calhoun, GA  March 2017
HOF Dally Up Cowboy Cattlac, OTDs, ATDd, STDc, OFTDs the sire of titled progeny above earned ASCA Hall of Fame status.  Congratulations to owner Jamie Burns (TX) of HOF Kennel Cut'n Loose and to breeder Becky Parker of Dally Up (CO) for this tremendous accomplishment.  It was a really great cross... February 2016.
Molly (2).jpg
Coosawattee GG Ms Molly@Millerforge RATO DSA BCat (Venom x Patton) BCat Title. This chunk of fur on fire loves her performance events! And she loves her stock! Stayed tuned for more adventures with Molly Monster!
Coosawattee GG Ms Molly @Millerforge Earned her Junior and Senior NADD titles

Soon to be updated... life sometimes gets in the way... It doesn't make us any less proud!

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