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AKC Registered as of Sept. 2015



A statement of our mission: Through the past 20 years we have come to appreciate first hand the true meaning of a working bred stockdog and also recognize the challenges working Aussie breeders have before them. The versatility and eye appeal of this breed may very well be its downfall in the stockdog world. Our personal goal is to do our part to keep Australian Shepherds in the elite group of working cowdogs doing what they were born to do, working stock.  We are a ASCA® Registered and DNA certified kennel and all of our dogs are AKC registered as well.  Our breeding stock are CERF and OFA certified and will be cleared of all genetic defects.  Even though we are not a large kennel or breed multiple litters each year we will maintain this level of quality in our bloodline. If you are an Aussies breeder, please join us in our efforts to produce "Real World Champions" by putting genetic health along with working instinct and ability at the forefront of your breeding criteria.





Coosawattee Aussies

Stubby wins High Combined WTCH at the WASCofGA 2018 Peach State Classic 
WTCH Coosawattee It Just Comes Natural, DNA-VP
WTCH Coosawattee Heart Wreck'n Rita, DNA-VP
Coosawattee Cattle Commander, DNA-VP, STDsdc
HOF WTCH Coosawattee C-Me Emmy Rose, DNA-VP
WTCH Coosawattee Here for A Good Time, ATD-Msc DNA-VP
Hall of Fame Dam
WTCH Coosawattee Chizel My Heart, DNA-VP

Real World Champions

We are truly dedicated to preserving the original purpose of the Australian Shepherd, a working cowdog ... out here in the Real World. Our Aussies earn the title of "Real World Champions" and all that it implies...

Coosawattee Double Deuce, STDds, DNA-VP
Coosawattee Give it All You Got, DNA-VP
Coosawattee Rose, DNA-VP
Coosawattee Australian Shepherds

This website is a work in progress and as we accomplish a goal with one of our youngsters, we'll do our best to update their page. 


I will be adding links to our video library or your welcome to check them out on YouTube.


We're a small kennel with some awesome prospects.  It's not an easy thing to accomplish, it's tough to maintain and takes years of commitment to keep it all together. 


When we make a cross it has to be special and produce the kind of stockdog that we are proud for them to carry our name... Coosawattee

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HOF Slash V Sweet Innocent Josie, STDs DNA-CP (1999 - 2011)
Past Real World Champions


• RWCH WATERS SLASH'N & DASH'N STDsc (1997 - 2006)



• LOGAN RIDGE MOLLY ROSE (1994 - 2003)



​ASCA event

Working ASC of Georgia

Planned Breedings






We only breed occasionally but when we do it has to be special..

Working Descriptionof the Australian Shepherd




.. a working Australian Shepherd will often display wear, grip, and/or an authoritative bark...

Training Tips for Joe Rancher





Future blog of training tips to use to keep your dog off the truck...

Schedule of Events at Coosawattee Farm



Future and maybe a few past listings of events we have scheduled.

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